Pure art vs Applied arts, is it business?

Pure art vs Applied arts, is it business?

While pure art is assumed to be a noble pursuit, applied art is deemed to be a business that requires artists to consider factors such as usability and marketability.

PURE ART is often touted as art of authentic people, endowed with consciousness, heart and dedication. People who, despite a world gone awry, believe in the light and devote their talent to performing a higher service. (Original: Wassily Kandinsky: Über das Geistige in der Kunst – insbe-sondere in der Malerei, 1911).

Many artists however, feel that truly meaningful or ‘pure’ art is created solely for the purpose of expression and must not be influenced by any outside force. They argue that inspiration must come from within and that any other influence or purpose behind the creation dilutes or contaminates its purpose.

This they claim means it is no longer pure art, but rather has stooped to the level of ‘commercial art’ at best.
But is it really so black and white? Can one make a living at art and create meaningful art which comes from within? Are all artists who market their work selling out to commercialism?
Perhaps, it is sometimes possible to stay true to oneself in the creation of art and make a living at it. Is there a continuum rather than a fixed doorway? On the one hand are the purest of the purists (those described above).

On the other hand are those artists who sell out their creativity to make a buck. (not included are commercial artists or illustrators, because there is a huge difference between being a commercial artist and selling out to commercialism).

In the end each artist must decide for him or herself where their line is, and as we all have views, as to what is or isn’t art.. The artist or individual, must think of where that is, which when crossed, prostitutes their creativity..

There is a saying “Always be true to yourself and your art, but don’t be afraid to find ways to promote and sell it”. Even if you rely on galleries to sell your work, there is a lot you can do to develop your reputation and make your work more sought after.

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